Brand and Music Partnerships, Simplified

Music strategy starts here offers brands direct connections to artists, ondemand access to industry experts, and secure payments to music influencers - all powered by data and insight. 

Our software makes smarter decisions

Our proprietary technology indexes thousands of active artists and allows you to discover, research, and engage for partnerships. Browse or search by cost, audience, genre, or brand affinity. Preview comprehensive and verified data/insights prior engaging in a partnership or licensing a song. 

Make the most of your time and budget

Our ondemand team personally supports you through the entire process. Since we're agnostic to any label or artist, our only objective is ensuring you're partnering with the right artist for the right price with the optimal marketing strategy.

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How it works

  • Search

    Log in and discover the right trending artist that connects with your brands target audience and message. Preview insights, analytics and data prior to engaging.

  • Engage

    Click "Engage" on an artist profile. Submit your opportunity including campaign concept, budget, and strategy. Our team will review to ensure you're leveraging the full value of the artist.

  • Launch

    Confirm artist, budget and campaign strategy. Our team of music & marketing experts will negotiate the partnership on your behalf - ensuring the absolute best rate and marketing potential.

It's easy to get started

Search now and view insights to thousands of artists instantly.

Not sure where to start? Our ondemand team is ready to take the lead.

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What does cost?

While our search platform is free to use, we suggest that your minimum budget to actually engage an artist should be no less than $5,000.  Keep in mind, the larger the budget, typically the larger the artist - or more willing the artist will be to overdeliver.’s fee is 10% of the gross artist budget you would already be spending if you were to go direct to a talent agency.  

What artists can I get acces to through

Every artist represented by management or a major label can be found in our platform.  And not only that - we’ve completely flipped the system. Because we are agnostic, the artist representatives fight to stand out when an opportunity comes forward.  This leaves you walking away with a better deal than if you would have gone direct to a talent agency.  

What does a typical campaign look like?

Campaign Templates Include:

- Social Media Campaigns

- Live Performances

- Music Festival Activations

- Music Licensing

- Product Endorsements

- Experiential Partnerships

- Custom Projects

Can you help with music licensing?

Yes, absolutely.  We track song popularity through Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music on an hourly basis to determine which songs are trending or falling off.  A lot of times, we’re able to land the perfect song PLUS artist marketing support as part of the deal.  

Where do you get your data from?

We get our data from over 17 public and private sources to help formulate our easy to digest reporting.  Our artist insights come directly from artist management or their label.  We are in the “know” about every artist and their marketing plans for the next 6 months.  This allows us to provide you with the optimal leverage points for budget, content creation, or social support, to name a few.    

Can your team manage a project for me?

Yes, this is our specialty.  We’ll work in harmony with your team to understand your goals and objectives.  From there, we take the lead on strategy, artist curation and campaign execution - and fill you in as much or as little as you like.  Contact us directly to discuss your project,

Why is better than me calling an agent directly?

Agents and labels are biased towards their own roster, so you’ll never really know if you partnered with the right artist.  They don’t care about data, or projecting artist value - They still think social followers justifies the rate and artist equity!

Aditionally, when a music company sees a brand request an artist or present an opportunity - they see dollar signs and simply over-charge. 

Is a software or a service?

We’re both!  We’re a web-based research tool, and a team of experts that personally help you navigate the industry.  Because some brands require full-service support, it’s nessesary to maintain a “manual” touch.